Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Small and Medium Businesses

Learn effective techniques for ensuring your online safety while working


 Anyone can become the victim of a phishing or a cyber attack. 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, according to IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index.  This is not another boring course which you will not going to finish. This course provides that basic level of understanding to ensure that you, your staff, and family members are adequately protected as a starting point, and to grow from there. As the world becomes increasingly digital, cyber security threats are on the rise. Information has become the new oil, and security breaches take place on a daily basis.
Cyber Threats have increased significantly in recent times and hackers are keeping their game up-to-date to be ahead of their victims (WE) at all times.  

There are ONLY two proven ways to overcome ever growing cyber threats; first via continuous learning & awareness and second via technological implementation. By enrolling into this course you will surely be taking first step in the right direction!  

The benefits of this training course:

1. Increased Security
2. Time and Money Saved
3. Empowering Your Workforce
4. Retain Customers’ Trust  

We tried keeping this course as compact as possible to cover the most important topics accompanied by interactive presentation and a trivia game to keep you interested till the end.  

REMEMBER: It is human to make mistakes, and attackers are banking on it ! 

  • Employees of SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) 
  • Anyone who is connected to the internet 
  • The general public

  • NONE - Cyber Hygiene is a must for everyone in this internet era. 
  • Just some basic knowledge of computers and Internet will do

  • Get familiar with common cyber security definitions 
  • Identify and thwart attack attempts targeting you 
  • Learn various techniques hackers use to trick you 
  • Secure your smartphones and laptops 
  • Adopt cyber security best practices Feel safe, secure, and private on the Internet 

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